Earth Day

Hello everyone!
You may know that certain days in the year are dedicated to certain things. We all know the classic Mother’s and Father’s days but there’s also an Earth day.

What is “Earth Day”?
It is a day to celebrate the place that we all live in (even though we should totally celebrate it everyday).

What happens on Earth day?
Individuals and companies take action and try to help the Earth in various ways. This year our “Earth Day” was on April 22nd. This year the focus was on plastic pollution. As you may know, plastic pollution is a major threat to our oceans and its animal population.

Why is plastic pollution a problem?
Plastic (as well as other waste) can end up in our oceans when not disposed of correctly and recycled. This seriously threatens and damages the oceans because it can suffocate and be ingested by fish, whales and other marine life causing damage to their bodies and killing them. Although, for some it may seem like it doesn’t affect them, these deaths are extremely important to human life. With the depletion of marine life, food chains break down which has a knock-on effect to many other food chains and ultimately, without life in our oceans, we will lose at least 50% of our oxygen. As well as oxygen, something we need to live, oceans and its inhabitants provide food, medicines and support livelihoods of humans, for example, through tourism and recreational activities.
Plastic pollution is not the only thing that harms our oceans and it’s wildlife. Oil spills, global warming/ climate change and over-fishing for food are all serious problems that damage them. We all need to help as much as we can to stop harming the animals and ultimately keep the Earth healthy so we can all keep living in it. These changes cannot happen overnight though. And I think if everyone makes an active effort to do what they can, every little action helps. Recycle, reuse things (not just carrier bags but definitely those too), be more efficient with what you buy and use (waste less) and educate yourself and your family/ friends on the consequences and what they can do to help. It’s a team effort!

I think more people need to know about the Earth, it’s problems and Earth Day so that they can make more educated decisions in their everyday lives, and perhaps do more, with the more they learn.

Did you know about Earth Day? Did you do anything for it?

If you would like to learn more about what you can do to help the environment and the Earth, head on over to the official Earth Day website here. And of course, research! Even if it’s for 3 minutes of your day to see what you can do, it will all help!

Thanks for reading,



Spread the word

When originally thinking about starting this blog I thought about the things I wanted to talk about and share with others. As yoga was the main reason I wanted to start it up, I naturally thought, it can be a place to document my learning process, progress and other yoga related things. However, I sat there and thought, well it’s my journey which not only includes yoga. It’s about other things that affect me, help me grow and learn, too.

I love animals. I love wildlife and I am concerned with the fact that the Earth needs saving. One thing I thought might be another way in which to use my blog is to research any stories, news or information that might be interesting or amazing or heartwarming or maybe just something that needs more attention and share it via the blog. There are perhaps many occasions where love, kindness or maybe hurtfulness happens yet the message isn’t spread. As I’m sure many of you know, global warming is increasingly becoming a higher issue for the world and its inhabitants, but do we all know how it directly affects things? Many photographers are able to catch images of starving polar bears, marine biologists tell us about how sharks and other fish are endangered and how this can and will massively affect us and the people of the future. But, what can we do? How can we help? Many people recycle, many people make good choices on where they buy their food from and what they eat but I think sometimes just being more aware can help.
This is also a way for me to share my passions and if it helps spread awareness even to one person then to me, that’s great.

So, just in summary, I plan to post about something different, interesting or amazing every once in a while and see how that goes. If there are any topics you would like to see more light given to then please, let me know!

Thanks for Reading, stay tuned for the first “Spread the Word” post!



What do I love about yoga?

Calm & focus

This might sound a bit typical, but yoga really does calm me. It’s got a reputation for a reason. Certain poses you can relax into, like child’s pose, or puppy pose (that I’ve shown above.) However, also when I’m flowing from one pose to another, I don’t concentrate on anything else. Any other thoughts or feelings that I had before practice kind of just melt away because I’m not giving them any thought. And to be honest, I can’t give them any thought because I’m focusing on my breathing, my form and really trying to get the most out of my practice. So, there’s another thing I love- it makes me focus, and “be in the now.”

Why is “being in the now good?”

Well, if you’ve had a stressful day at work/ uni/ life then just being in the moment can be so good. Say, for example, you come home and you can fit in a 20-minute yoga sesh. That’s 20 minutes of not stressing about what has happened to you today. 20 minutes of not worrying about tomorrow or things you have to do later or maybe, things you haven’t done at all. That’s 1200 seconds of you time. Breathing, moving, giving your body a good stretch and a good release of tension that you may have been holding within it.


I love the progress that I’m making in my yoga practice. Progress with my mind and self in that, I’m actively trying to get less stressed and trying to let more of the ‘little things’ go. It is hard, I’m not going to sugar coat it. Sometimes it is easy to just worry about you and get annoyed about everything that happens, traffic, deadlines, people. But I’m trying, and that’s a start. My body is also making progress physically. My balance is increasing, I’m getting stronger, more flexible and more poses are becoming more achievable. Being able to feel and see the progress I’ve made so far really motivates me to keep going and see what else I can do and develop myself more, and stress out less. I really feel like this journey is slowly allowing me to open up to myself and become my best self, and I’m excited for what there is to come.

Yoga community

I LOVE the yoga community. I’ve been on Instagram posting yoga pictures for only a few months, my asanas and my photography really aren’t as good as other, more experienced yogi’s. I don’t have any picturesque backgrounds and I don’t travel often enough to get lots of variation in my pictures. But that’s okay for me because that is their journey and this is mine. Yet the support and love I get from other yogi’s all over the world are amazing! People that I don’t know are commenting on my pictures, encouraging me to keep going and it’s just such a nice feeling. There’s so much love in these people, being able to connect through yoga is something really special and the yoga community is one of my favourite things about yoga.

I’ve mentioned a few of my favourite things about yoga, these aren’t the only things that make yoga enjoyable for me, but it’s just a few of the things I think are worth mentioning. But each person may have their own different reasons for practicing/ liking/ loving yoga. Feel free to comment saying what you love about yoga, or if you’ve never given it a try and want to, please do! Here’s a link to one of my older posts “Which kind of yoga is for you?” to help you decide what you’d like to try.

Practice yoga, spread the word and spread the love. When writing one of my previous posts, “Yoga quote- being loyal to your practice”, I found a quote that inspired me:

“Submit to a daily practice. Your loyalty to that is a ring at the door. Keep knocking, and eventually the joy inside will look out to see who is there.” – Rumi

So let’s keep knocking because I think the world needs more love and joy, and who is to say I, you or we can’t make a difference?

Thanks for reading,