Lacoste helps threatened species

Many of you may have heard of a French clothing brand called “Lacoste”. It’s been around since 1933 and is well known for its famous crocodile logo which has been in place on their polos since the brand’s creation. However, in March, 2018, they did something pretty special and the croc’s position was taken by a few different animals.

In order to support IUCN’s “Save Our Species” program, Lacoste created 10 different polo shirts to support and spread awareness of 10 different threatened species. 1775 polo t-shirts were made in total. These animals were reptiles, mammals and birds that are threatened by things such as poaching, deforestation and climate change.

The number of polos produced corresponded to the amount of these animals left in the wild. Here’s a list of those included on the polos:

Dolphin- The Vaquita- 30 specimens
The Burmese Roofed Turtle- 40 specimens
The Northen Sportive Lemur- 90 specimens
The Javan Rhino- 67 specimens
The Kakapo (bird)- 157 Specimens
The Cao-vit Gibbon- 150 specimens
The California Condor (bird)- 231 specimens
The Saola- 250 specimens
The Sumatran Tiger- 350 specimens
Ground Iguana- 450 specimens

The hashtag #LacosteSaveOurSpecies was created and the use was encouraged for this cause. I have searched for these polos and from what I could see, they are all sold out. I think this was a very good idea used by Lacoste to spread awareness and the money from each product was donated by Lacoste to the Save Our Species organisation. More companies and individuals need to be more aware of what we can all do to help the environment and the animals that live in it. Find out more about this cause here. 

Let’s keep spreading the word on how to help the environment and let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to share!

Thanks for reading,



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