Review of the Yogi Bare Paws Mat

Some of you may be aware that I’ve been wanting a new yoga mat for many months. I wrote a post a while ago called “My hunt for a new yoga mat” where I spoke about the questions I had when thinking about buying a new yoga mat. Click here to have a look at the post.  It was basically a way for me to put my questions and my research together when looking for a new mat.

Months went by and I still hadn’t decided which mat to go for from which company. Do I spend more money in the hope that it’s a better quality mat and will last me longer? Which thickness should I look for? Stuff like that. Eventually, in December I went to a store called Decathlon and ended up buying one of their yoga mats for £20. It said it had good grip, I didn’t try it out in the store because I didn’t want to ruin the packaging, however, when I brought it home and tried it out, I was really disappointed. My hands and feet slipped (so much!) in downward dog. I actually felt like the mat itself was stretching slightly too which certainly was not good for me. This led me to decide that a. I needed to return that mat because I was not satisfied, and that I was going to pay more than I originally wanted to, in the hope that I would get a better quality mat.

There are a lot of popular mats out there, many companies on Instagram advertising their mats, and many well known brands such as alo and liforme. But considering they were around £70 – £100, I thought that was just too much compared to what I was comfortable spending. I came across the brand Yogi Bare and saw that their mats were more affordable than others I’d seen and claimed to have very good grip. I also like the way they branded the paw with the king pigeon pose too, added plus I suppose! Anyway, I bought their Yogi Bare Paws mat in red and so far, I am happy with it. As it is made out of rubber, it has a bit of a weird smell, though over time I imagine that will fade.

Good to know:

Its quite heavy.
I used to take my old mat on holiday with me as it was fairly light, however there’s no chance of me doing that with this one.

Initial smell
If you are a bit sensitive to smells, be prepared. It wasn’t that bad but it was something I noticed straight away.

No slip
My hands and feet did NOT slip in my first downward dog and haven’t slipped in any since!

It’s a bit hard
I don’t know what mat you are used to but my old one was a little bit cushion-y. So when I knelt on it, my knees sunk into it a little. As I have slightly bad knees, I did notice that this mat is a bit harder on them. But not enough so that it hurts them. And my headstands and forearm stands do not hurt my elbows, so it’s not bad.

I would recommend this mat, if you’re looking for one. It costed me less than £50, it looks and feels durable and well made, doesn’t feel like it’ll break apart soon. It’s 4 mm thick, and, almost most important of all, I don’t slip.

Hope this has helped! Check back in with me weekly for new posts!

Thanks for reading,



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