My Travels to: Rye

At the start of December 2017, I visited the English town of Rye. It’s around 2 hours outside of London, towards the south-east of England.

Fun fact about me, I love old buildings. I’ve never studied architecture so I don’t know much about the different styles of buildings that are out there. But I did a quick Google search and here are three that I like: Victorian, Gothic and Romanesque architecture. I can’t really explain why I like them. I just love how they look.

Rye has beautiful cobbled streets and timbered, historic housing (another old style I like). It’s a really homely place, there are loads of quirky shops, and all the people were really friendly. Another fun fact, I love sweets. And Rye has a few lovely, classic old sweet shops where you have the walls lined with tubs of different sweets. I went there with my boyfriend and we went to a great restaurant for dinner. If you ever go to Rye, I highly recommend the restaurant “Hoof.” The staff were lovely, the food was delicious and it had a lovely wood fireplace in it to keep us warm as we ate. Have a look below:


What can you do there?

So other than going into quirky shops and buying sweets there are other things that you can get up to. For example, the Rye Heritage centre has loads of information leaflets and advice on what to see and do. It also has Rye – specific souvenirs like locally made honey, rock, shortbread etc. It also has a lovely mini version of Rye (photographed below) that I thought was great. There’s a large church there that has big traditional church bells and you can pay to go up the top to see the bell tower and you can climb up to the roof to almost see all of Rye. I’d definitely recommend doing that. Also, close by there is Rye Castle, Camber Castle, Camber Sands (a really pretty beach), and a bit further out to Rye harbour there is also a nature reserve there that you can visit.

Overall, if you’d like a mini- break somewhere, Rye is a really nice place to go, and I’d definitely recommend going there if you can.


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