I feel like there’s a lot of negative views of meditation out there and for a lot of people, if you mention it they’re like no I’m not going to sit there and say “ommmm”. “It’s stupid” is another thing I’ve heard. Why is this? Not only people practising yoga incorporate meditation into their lives, so why do people think it is such a weird/ silly thing to do?

What is meditation?

Meditation can be a considered to be a state of mental peace and tranquillity. A time where you can take the time to observe your thoughts and feelings without stressing about them or giving too much attention to them. To some, the point is to be calm, thoughtless and just ‘present’.

How can you meditate?

People meditate in many different ways, it kind of just depends on what works for you. It is said that someone can be doing their daily job yet meditating while someone who is sitting on top of a mountain with crossed legs may be very far from meditation. One method of meditation is focusing on your breath. The point of this is, if you are focusing on the way that you are breathing, any thoughts -good or bad- that come to you aren’t paid attention to. Then, as time goes on, you may find that you don’t quite have to concentrate so hard on your breathing and you’ve actually become calm.
An interesting way of breathing during meditation is to inhale and exhale for increasing amounts of time. For example, inhale for 6 seconds, exhale for 6 seconds and work on increasing that number each time.

What are the benefits of meditation?

  • Meditation is known to help reduce stress
  • May help you fall asleep
  • Improve concentration
  • Increase in well- being
  • Less likely to have symptoms of anxiety or depression
  • Improves immunity

It’s not all about sitting in lotus pose saying “ommm”. Some people are helped with their own noise. Perhaps concentrating on making the “omm”s as long as possible is a way of monitoring your breath and if that works for you, then great! But there are loads of different methods out there, try not to reject the idea of meditation without trying it because I’m sure there is a method out there that can help everyone!

Thanks for reading, check back with me weekly for more content!



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