Path of Self- Love

There are many occasions which will make you feel kinda sad, upset, depressed and plenty of other negative feelings in life. Sometimes it’s difficult to know what to do to make yourself feel better or even to help the situation.

What do you do?
A classic English thing to say is to “have a cup of tea”. Might sound a bit strange, and in a way, it is really quite strange. But I suppose to some extent it’s a nice hot drink that’s giving you a warm hug on the inside. Sometimes people have a tea with someone else and while you drink you express your feelings. But sometimes that doesn’t always help, does it? Sometimes you want to shout, cry, be alone, or just sit there and wallow in the kind of feelings that you have.

What happened to make you feel this way? Something you did? Something someone else did? A mixture of both?
Sometimes our problems can be our own doing. Sometimes, without even thinking we do things, out of love or true intentions but it ends up biting us somewhere down the line. What if you’re used to putting other people first and then you find that actually, they don’t do the same for you? I suppose to a certain extent you accept it and you move on because you love them and that’s just the way your priorities are. But you kinda hoped that they would’ve done more. At the end of the day, people may hurt you a little by doing that without even realising it.

I am the kind of person who puts other people first and even though you don’t do it to get the same treatment, sometimes it really does hurt when you get put last. I recently spoke to a friend about this and she helped me with this a lot. She told me that she had been in a similar situation and she is also the kind of person who puts others first. But, ultimately, she said you’ve gotta love yourself. If you love yourself, make time for yourself, treat yourself well then that’ll kinda be the best thing for you. That isn’t to disregard other people but to just make sure you’re taking care of yourself first. I basically learned that “self-love” is not something I do and it isn’t about treating yourself to clothes or something (although that could be part of it), it’s more about the way you think about yourself too. You may not be able to help people treating you this way, but if you love yourself enough to realise you deserve more, that could be all the help you need.

What do I deserve? This has been a big thought changing process that I’ve just started. I’m going to try and love myself more. I’m going to look at certain things in life and think, is this good for me? Is this helping me become my best self? Sometimes things/ people are bad for you. Not necessarily because they mean to hurt you but sometimes its just a case of maybe people only talking to you when it suits them and maybe when you actually need them, they’re not there. So here’s a new path on the journey. The path to self- love. It’s going to be hard, I think. You can’t change the way you see yourself or the way you think overnight. But I’m going to try to do more, be more, and love and respect myself.

Just a reminder for you all:
You’re important. You matter. Your feelings matter. You’re worthy. Don’t let other people say or treat you otherwise.

Thanks for reading,




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