Why is wrist care important in yoga?

Wrists are not made to carry the whole weight of your body. So without the proper prep, it is possible that with a lot of weight being placed on them, you may injure them. In the modern workplace, being in front of a computer typing on a keyboard, it’s likely that you don’t use your wrists to their “full extension” which is when your wrists are at a 90-degree angle to your forearm. And so, being in asanas that demand this of you, (e.g. crow/ crane pose or handstand) can cause a lot of strain and can cause pain in your wrists. This might just be a bit of a stretch but sometimes it may develop into pain and then develop into injuries such as Carpal Tunnel.

If your wrists are already sore or have been for a while due to strain, I’d recommend resting your wrists to allow any damage to heal. It might sound difficult to stop, but you can still practice yoga without putting a lot of pressure on your wrists, for example, boat pose, chair pose- no wrist pressure! After time of resting and healing, it’s time to start incorporating wrist stretches and then slowly introducing more pressure to build up to more heavily weight-bearing poses. The same goes for if you’re starting out- get into good habits asap! Incorporate good wrist stretches into your practice to care for your wrists to avoid injury.

In occasions such as this, visual aids may be easier to show you different exercises. So here are some ways to strengthen and take care of your wrists:


Being in tabletop pose is a good position to stretch and strengthen your wrists because you are able to apply pressure whilst not placing all of your weight on them. The picture to the left is the first wrist exercise. So start in tabletop and face your fingertips opposite each other with your hands flat and just rock side to side. You should feel a stretch in your wrists here. You can also rock forward and back here.


Here with the second picture, place your hands down with your fingertips facing your knees and rock back and forth. You can also turn your hand around so that your palms are facing up here and again, rock back and forth.



With the third picture here, place your wrists together, your fingertips facing out to the sides and lay your hands down in front of you. Now, you can rock back and forth, side to side or move in a circular motion so that you feel the stretch in your wrists.


Another thing that you can do is, place your thumb and middle finger of your right hand around your left wrist. Now rotate your left wrist clockwise and anticlockwise 10 times each way and then swap wrists!

These are just a few things that you can do to help protect your wrists! Try and incorporate these into your practices as much as you can to avoid any injuries!

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