What do I love about yoga?

Calm & focus

This might sound a bit typical, but yoga really does calm me. It’s got a reputation for a reason. Certain poses you can relax into, like child’s pose, or puppy pose (that I’ve shown above.) However, also when I’m flowing from one pose to another, I don’t concentrate on anything else. Any other thoughts or feelings that I had before practice kind of just melt away because I’m not giving them any thought. And to be honest, I can’t give them any thought because I’m focusing on my breathing, my form and really trying to get the most out of my practice. So, there’s another thing I love- it makes me focus, and “be in the now.”

Why is “being in the now good?”

Well, if you’ve had a stressful day at work/ uni/ life then just being in the moment can be so good. Say, for example, you come home and you can fit in a 20-minute yoga sesh. That’s 20 minutes of not stressing about what has happened to you today. 20 minutes of not worrying about tomorrow or things you have to do later or maybe, things you haven’t done at all. That’s 1200 seconds of you time. Breathing, moving, giving your body a good stretch and a good release of tension that you may have been holding within it.


I love the progress that I’m making in my yoga practice. Progress with my mind and self in that, I’m actively trying to get less stressed and trying to let more of the ‘little things’ go. It is hard, I’m not going to sugar coat it. Sometimes it is easy to just worry about you and get annoyed about everything that happens, traffic, deadlines, people. But I’m trying, and that’s a start. My body is also making progress physically. My balance is increasing, I’m getting stronger, more flexible and more poses are becoming more achievable. Being able to feel and see the progress I’ve made so far really motivates me to keep going and see what else I can do and develop myself more, and stress out less. I really feel like this journey is slowly allowing me to open up to myself and become my best self, and I’m excited for what there is to come.

Yoga community

I LOVE the yoga community. I’ve been on Instagram posting yoga pictures for only a few months, my asanas and my photography really aren’t as good as other, more experienced yogi’s. I don’t have any picturesque backgrounds and I don’t travel often enough to get lots of variation in my pictures. But that’s okay for me because that is their journey and this is mine. Yet the support and love I get from other yogi’s all over the world are amazing! People that I don’t know are commenting on my pictures, encouraging me to keep going and it’s just such a nice feeling. There’s so much love in these people, being able to connect through yoga is something really special and the yoga community is one of my favourite things about yoga.

I’ve mentioned a few of my favourite things about yoga, these aren’t the only things that make yoga enjoyable for me, but it’s just a few of the things I think are worth mentioning. But each person may have their own different reasons for practicing/ liking/ loving yoga. Feel free to comment saying what you love about yoga, or if you’ve never given it a try and want to, please do! Here’s a link to one of my older posts “Which kind of yoga is for you?” to help you decide what you’d like to try.

Practice yoga, spread the word and spread the love. When writing one of my previous posts, “Yoga quote- being loyal to your practice”, I found a quote that inspired me:

“Submit to a daily practice. Your loyalty to that is a ring at the door. Keep knocking, and eventually the joy inside will look out to see who is there.” – Rumi

So let’s keep knocking because I think the world needs more love and joy, and who is to say I, you or we can’t make a difference?

Thanks for reading,



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