The story of me and my dog

I love dogs. I’ve grown up around them my entire life and the only time when I haven’t had one at home is after my dog Herbie passed away (I was a big Herbie the car fan) and my home felt empty for months before we rescued my current dog, Teddy.

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you might see me post pictures with him a fair bit- I love him so much and he just loves being with me and getting attention so, I just have to post pictures with him in them too. Teddy is a Keeshond, a Husky breed, but one of the lesser known ones, especially where I live in England. I take him to the park and people think he’s a puppy or a Chow, but I have to mention, no he’s fully grown, his breed is just not as well- known as the beautiful Alaskan Malamutes or Siberian Huskies. Teddy is a rescue. After Herbie passed, my mum got in contact with his breeder to let her know the news. We were heartbroken. We had had Herbie for most of my life so I had grown up with him around and coming home after school, asking where he was after not being greeted at the door and being told by my dad that he had gone, was heartbreaking and I cried for a long time. Tears are coming as I’m writing this. But that’s the sad thing about a lot of animals and dogs in particular- they don’t live as long as you. So, you have to nurture them and give them all the love you can while they’re here.

But I had to realise the silver lining. My mum spoke to the breeder and a few months later she got in contact with us, saying that she had another Keeshond that was in need of a home and we came to mind- she wondered if we could rescue him. He was only a 1- year old and his owner didn’t want him/ couldn’t look after him anymore. Me and my mum jumped at the chance and we arranged to meet the breeder with the dog halfway between both of our houses. Turns out that Teddy is a relative of Herbie’s (I think Herbie was his great (maybe another great?) uncle and looking at Teddy’s face for the first time made both me and my mum cry- you could see the family resemblance. We took Teddy home to my 3 little sisters and my dad – we were worried about what he would be like with children as my sisters were quite young at the time, but he fit right in. It was like he’d always been part of this family, we just had to wait a little while to welcome him into it.


Ted is my dog. Of course, he is the family dog, but he sleeps with me, and I take him for walks etc and where I’m at uni, I spend a bit more time at home some days so we get to chill together and he gets lots of attention from me. Me and Ted have a special bond. I can look at him and make a gesture with my face and he’ll know what I mean. This is an amazing thing with dogs. All they do is love you, they want to connect, they want to love and be loved and I just love dogs so much. The thing that gets me is this: all they know is you. If you think about it, as humans we will meet so many people throughout our lives, do so many things, but dogs don’t get to do loads of things really, so you’ve just gotta cherish them. The pain of losing a dog will never go away, but as long as you know you loved them with all you had and did your best for them, hopefully, that may help. To the top left of the above photo is a framed picture of me cuddling Herbie when I was little- you gotta keep the good memories close.

This is just a reminder to remember to be in the moment, live now, LOVE now.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and it’s given you a bit more of an insight to me, despite the lack of yoga. But as I said, it’s all about the journey, and Teddy is a big part of my life and thus, a part of my journey. He helps keep me calm, or he helps make me calm when I’m upset. He helps me become ‘zen’, and that’s a bit of yoga anyway, right?

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Thanks for reading,



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