The beginning

Hello, my name is Maria and today I am cartwheeling into the blogosphere!


Just as a little introduction, starting up a blog is something I have been debating about for a while. Over the years I have always enjoyed yoga but never practiced it enough to really see it’s potential and actually, how much I love it. This year (2017) whilst scrolling through social media I came across some yoga posts and I was inspired. I had known for years about the tree pose and a few others (I was partial to some yoga on the Wii fit- who remembers that?!) but until seeing some, I don’t want to say ‘cooler’ poses, but certainly more challenging ones, I thought wow. I want to be able to do that.

I started off with a supported headstand, I used a few different sources to show me the best ways to be able to do the pose and for a while of practicing pretty much every day, I could do it! And I felt so proud of myself. During the early stages of my practice, I became increasingly interested in yoga and started looking at other people’s yoga journies on social media. Naturally, my inspiration and motivation to really delve into yoga, increase my practice and challenge myself to see what I can do, grew.

This blog is basically a way for me to take my practice further, talk about my feelings, my experiences and my development. I’ve discovered this desire to learn more about yoga, not just how to do cool poses but to learn about the yoga values, its history and why it is so loved and respected. Many people say yoga is a lifestyle choice, not just something to do to keep fit or to post online.

So if yoga is your life, and life is a journey… Yoga, amongst other things, is part of your journey of life. I’m here to share as I journey through life, love, learning, and yoga.


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